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Sara Pittack

Sara has a broad range of commercial, dental and coaching skills. Her career includeds  having worked at Sky Television and the Mail on Sunday before moving into dentistry  as a practice manager. She understands how an engaged team delivers for the practice owners, patients and staff alike. Using her creative and engaging coaching skills, she enjoys working with Practice Managers and leaders to ensure that staff are able to translate the vision into achievable goals and action. 



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"It has had a big immediate impact on how I view myself and communicating with others. Fully recommend. IF you do not look at yourself regularly you go around in your own world not realising the effects you have on yourself and most importantly, on others! "MV 


"I had a really useful and informative session with Sara which I really enjoyed. She introduced me to a new way of thinking about myself and my skills which resonated with me a lot more than other similar thinking and personality tools I have seen previously. One of the main things I learned from my session is how best I could interact and work with people who think differently to me, and also how to get the most of what I do to help me achieve my goals" MS 


"Sara spent time beforehand and at the start of the session meaning that I was well informed, prepared, comfortable and interested, expectant, even. She spent time tuning in to me and as a result her questions hit home." BW 


"I felt very comfortable and at ease with my coach. Sara was friendly and everything flowed freely. Better than I could have imagined as I had doubts beforehand. I came out so much more positive." 






























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