Coaching In Companies

Individual Coaching

Coaching individuals can improve their leadership skills and where needed encourage an underperforming member of staff back to their previous high achieving levels.


We do this with one to one meetings, held at the most convenient time and and place. The coaching conversation is not always easy for the coachee, but using the skills we have at Your Thinking, we know that the hard work coachees put in can mean that new managers can be more confident in their work, existing managers can improve their skills and the dissatisfied employee can return to being an effective member of staff.

Team Training

Teamwork is more than taking staff out for dinner or drinks after work. 

We take a practical view of teamwork training and use techniques that work and that staff will start to use immediately so that owners can see a return on their investment.

We usually run a day session where everyone takes part, it is an inclusive day with no right or wrong answers and no-one has an advantage over anyone. Managers often find hidden strengths in their teams and staff appreciate why managers can appear to be challenging at times 



We train to suit your needs, this can be during the working week, after hours or at weekends.




Call to find out the costs and whether you think it would work for you. 

07949 861807 or email us.

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