Life Coaching

There are points in everyone's life where choosing which way to go next is a hard choice. Life can be difficult to navigate and when circumstances change it can really help to have someone to talk to who can challenge you to find what's right for you.


Your Coach will not judge you or discuss your sessions with anyone.  At Your Thinking we believe that you do have the answers but that it can take a coach using professional techniques to get what you want to do out in the open and to formulate a plan with you that will get you there.


When someone chooses to make changes to their lives, having a planned step by step change can work better than a sharp change. Your coach is there to support you, but it is up to you to make those changes. Support sessions can be by phone or Skype.


Life coaching can feel difficult at times, but by challenging you and examining what you want to do in depth means that you will come out of your session committed to your next step.


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